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Welcome to our new Software AG Presto forum. Just like our old forum on mdc.jackbe.com please feel free to post any questions or comments surrounding the use of Presto. We hope to welcome all our old members and reach out to many new!

i have few questions regarding presto…

  1. What is the additional features and benefits of using presto over webMethods/ARIS mashzone ?
  2. When is it going to be integrated with webMethods components ?
  3. What else presto can do other than dashboard/mashup capabilities?
  4. what are all the webMethods components that are planned for integration with presto ?

Hi -

Thanks for posting.

  1. Presto has strong support for SOA services so you can easily consume WSDL or REST based services. This gives you a broader range of data sources to work with. Additionally Presto has a SharePoint connector that allows you to easily import your SharePoint data and also publish your apps to SharePoint. If you are interested in trying presto out you can create an account on our public cloud at prestocloud.jackbe.com.
  2. Because Presto easily integrates with SOA services it can already integrate with many webMethods components. Integration Server can expose data as REST which Presto can easily consume. Other components; such as Optimize can be used via JDBC connection. Also, after the April 15th release Presto will be able to consume Event Data so all webMethods products participating with the Event Driven Architecture can pass data to Presto.
  3. Presto is primarily a mashup tool however the team has actively been working on adding more advanced analytics capabilities. You can read more about Presto’s Analytics here: http://mdc.jackbe.com/prestodocs/v3.7/raql/raqlIntro.html
  4. In coming releases Presto will be focusing on strengthening it’s eventing capabilities. Using an event driven means to communicate between products will be the primary focus. Presto also integrates with Terracotta for querying data.

I am trying to connect presto with IS just like we generate mash string in ARIS and it fetches result from running an service on IS. can you guide how to achieve a similar thing in case of presto

Hi -
Are you trying to connect directly to data coming from Integration Server? If so I’d recommend using the tag to do this.

The important thing to note with IS is that it returns HTML by default. You need to send a header telling it to return XML to you. Specially check out this example in the documentation: http://mdc.jackbe.com/prestodocs/v3.7/emml/directinvokeRefCmd.html#jbid088DC0004YK

You’ll want to send in: text/xml

I was trying Direct Invoke only. In ARIS mashzone while configruing data feed to get its data from wmOptimize, we give the IP , port username and password to connect to the server to fetch data. Then we paste the mashzone String in the Query part. In Direct Invoke I can’t see anything like giving Password and user name. We can see the space given for giving the server address and pasting the query. When I am giving those and running it Its showing Access Denied as I am not giving any username and password. Where to give user name and password. Please explain me in simple terms as I am just starting my carreer in IT (webMethods )

Ok, first things first.

What version of Presto are you using? 3.6 or 3.7 (which has been rebranded to look like Software AG products). Then, are you using Presto’s ‘Wires’ tool or are you directly creating EMML in the EMML editor?

I am just trying Trial version of it for getting to know about Presto features. Is this facility not available with trial vesion. For the record I was using Wires. I am not aware of EMML. Sorry I forgot I was trying it with free trial version of webMethods i.e. query I am trying to execute runs on that trial version of the webMethods Server.

There is a 30 day trial available for ALL versions of Presto. That’s why it’s important I know what version you are using :slight_smile:

If you got the trial from our old website (mdc.jackbe.com) it would be 3.6.1. If you are an existing Software AG customer you should be able to get a trial version of 3.7. In 3.7 you can actually export all your MashZone feeds to Presto and use them in Presto. There are also new webservices available in Optimize to support usage with Presto.

Thanks .

Can you please share the link for downloading the free trial version 3.7 of PRESTO. May be after using that My queries will be answered conveniently.

The latest (3.7) version of Presto is distributed via the Software AG installer. If you contact your Account Manager they should be able to provide you with a key to use the trial from empower.softwareag.com.


Hi Cynthia,

I need your help…

I have used Mashzone Feed editor in Presto 3.7 and created a data feed to optimize. However, I am not able to convert it to mashup or mashapp. During the creation of data feed, I am able to see the results. However, when trying to run or create a mashup. There are no results ? can you advice pls.

Alternatively, I tried to call the optimize REST service:
It is giving me below error:
'com.webMethods.bpo.service.data.access.localization.LocalizedRuntimeException: Parameter [kpiName] is missing from the query. at com.webMethods.bpo.service.data.access.localization.LocalizationHelper.createLocalizedException(LocalizationHelper.java:45) at com.webMethods.bpo.service.data.access.localization.LocalizationHelper.createLocalizedException(LocalizationHelper.java:39) at

Hi Team,

In presto mashboard

  1. Mashboard → palette → utilites → content -->presto form → add block -->select

please help me in adding dynamic values (need to get values from query) to select.

  1. Suppose if i have 2 views in mashboard, one is presto form and another is app , whenever i change some value in presto form, how can we pass this value to app and rerender app?

Please help me in this . As we have major production on this.