How to integrate twitter Widget in Jack be presto...

Hi All,

Got the Widget which is IN HTML can any one suggest how can we integrate the twitter widget in presto.


Hi Vyshnav,
Are you looking to directly consume a twitter feed in Presto or do you want to embed the HTML widget in a Presto dashboard? Either way are possibilities. If you just want to embed the feed in a dashboard you can use the Palette in MashBoard to link to your widget.

Hi Cynthia Carpenter,

Thank you very much…

I am facing another situation where we need to display the weather report based on our input form dashboard.


when i am clicking a postal code in the dashboard it should display the weather report based on the postal code.

How can we create it?

We tried creating with custom view,wires and API’s we are not ablt to achieve it…
Please can you provide a solution for this…

Thanks in Advance…

Hi Vyshnav,

The first step is to ensure that you have a service that accepts a zip code and can then return weather data. In the US our National Weather service provides a WSDL that accepts latlong data and will return the weather forecast:

You can register this service in Presto. When you register this WSDL you’ll see a list of available operations.
If you run the LatLongListZipCode you will get back a list of points that can then be fed into the NDFDgenByDayLatLonList service. This service will return an XML structure of the weather report. You would then need to write a mashup to parse out the data elements you are interested in. The last step would be to create the view that you were interested in using to render the weather forecast.

Do you already have a data service that you are planning to use?

Hi Cynthia Carpenter,

Thanks for your response it got worked…

I am facing another scenario where i have created the dashboard which has compatibility for Desktop,phone,tablet but while i am previewing it in tablet or phone it showing the below Error

We encountered an error while loading the App - There was an error while loading ‘presto-workspace.js’ in ‘mashboard-mashlet’ library - 20 second time out.

Can you please help me in this…


Hi -
Have you used a tool like firefox to diagnose how long all the requests are taking to come back? This 20 second timeout issue often masks some other problem in the javascript. Did you create the widget yourself or did you use a default widget that comes with Presto?

If you wrote a custom widget there are easy ways to configure the timeout period, but first we should make sure that this error isn’t a symptom of another problem.

If you could export the widget and services and attach them to this thread that would help.


Hi -
If you want to try to manually extend the timeout you can also change the variable in :


You would want to increase this value:

once that is done I would clear your browser cache and restart Presto to ensure you are on clean slate. If this alone solves the issue please let me know.


We encountered an error while loading the App - There was an error while loading ‘presto-workspace.js’ in ‘mashboard-mashlet’ library - 20 second time out.

For timeout issue:
Verify the logs and it will say some jar is missing.
You can search for that jar in presto folder and place it the location mentioned in logs.
Actually it is looking for a jar which is not in proper path. Hence please place jar in path mentioned in logs it works.

Even i was facing the same issue and with these i could fix the issue.

Please let me know if any other details required.