How to integrate google maps in presto...

Hi All,

Can any one suggest how to integrate google maps in presto dashboard, where i can search the places too.


Hi Gowtham,
Have you seen this tutorial about how to create a simple Google Map App in Presto?

Is this what you are looking to do or do you want to integrate an existing app into a Presto dashboard? If you’d like to do this you can go to the Palette in MashBoard and and use a Web Page widget. This will let you embed an existing widget into your Presto dashboard.

Hi Gowtham,

You can integrate Google Maps publishing mashups with the info you want to display on the map, e.g. the name of the countries or coordinates. If you are using countries or states you should draw the area with polylines or polygons. For coordinates use Geocoding API. Review Google Maps API:


To invoke mashup in a web project just use jquery $.ajax