presto 3.7 custome mashboard

Hi Team,

In presto mashboard

  1. Mashboard → palette → utilites → content -->presto form → add block -->select

         please help me in adding dynamic values (need to get values from query) to select.
  2. Suppose if i have 2 views in mashboard, one is presto form and another is app , whenever i change some value in presto form, how can we pass this value to app and rerender app?

Please help me in this . As we have major production on this.



  1. Unfortunately, you can’t use dynamic values in Presto form control. It only supports static drop downs and fields. Easiest option is to build a custom app containing a form and you can invoke webservices to populate dynamic values.

  2. Form controls values can be wired to other apps in the dashboard using the standard app wiring mechanism in mashboard. See for more information.

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Hi Karthic,

Thanks for your reply,

Have another question

In Mashboard i have two custom apps,

in one custom app whenever i click on a button, i need to pass few values from app one to app two and re render 2nd app.

Custom apps can publish and subscribe to events as well. So you will have to publish an event from the buttons onclick handler using the app.publish() method. You can find more info and sample code at