Presto reporting Hyperlink

I need to know, if Presto reporting tool does have capability to set up Hyperlink. Please let me know, it’s urgent.


What do you mean by “set up hyperlink”?

A hyperlink for app? If yes, you can get it from “share this” icon, present in App’s home/main page. Or in App’s home page, click on “Open in new window” icon, to open app in new window and copy URL from the browser.

Thank you for your response.

Hyperlink means, Summary report to detail report. Once we click on Summary report then detail report needs to open in new windows.

Hi Chandra

Is this possible whatever I posted in the last email regarding to Hyperlink?

You can embed Presto report in an HTML page as an object. For your requirement you can create 2 Presto apps (summary app and detail app) and create 2 separate HTML pages for each app. Provide a link in the page to open another page in new window using basic HTML coding.

Can you provide any sample html page code how to do that?

To use an app in HTML page, open the app in Presto Hub. Click on ‘Publish’ -> ‘Embed’ . Then copy the script tag from the window and paste it in your HTML page.