Problem when I configurated WebApplication

Please see the filename
Error.htm (16.6 KB)

Asdrubal, the screenshots didn’t go through. Could you email me that perhaps with the screenshots?


Hi Tanya. Thanks for your help.

See the Filenames
CreatingWebApplication.pdf (725 KB)
Explication.pdf (254 KB)


the directory - you were supposed to install the jsp framework together with the designer, so that’s your applinx installation directory.

The missing options - it’s a known issue and we’ll try to fix it for the next build. However, what I have seen (it might be true on my computer only, so try it, but won’t necessarily work for you) is that the problem is not consistent and if you create several projects one after another at some point the right options will appear.

Hope it helps.


Another thing with the missing options - make sure the eclipse user preferences (the ApplinX) point to the right directories (or start working in a new workspace)

I tried your recomendations, but I don’t have success. The product has a bug.

When does SAG estimated release the new ApplinX to correct this bug?

Thanks Tanya.