WebSphere MQ Adapter messagebody

I’ve successfully configured and tested the WebSphere MQ Adapter with MQ client 5.3 on IS 6.01. When I invoke the message handler (a request/reply handler) I see messagebody in the results and the data looks good. However, I’m unable to use messagebody from the pipeline in later flow steps.

The message handler returns messagebody as an object. I’ve tried several different built in functions to reference messagebody but nothing works.

In the results it appears that the messagebody object (a idataobject?) is a document named message which contains a string named messagebody.

To make a long story short, how can I reference the messagebody string (not the object) in other flow steps?



I had the same problem with the Get Handler, the solution I found was to make a modification in the Handler itself, in the output of the handler I mapped the messagebody (Values Object) to a new String Output variabe messagebody. Then when in the flow I call the handler I used the String messagebody instead of the Values Object messagebody,

with this modification my Get handler worked…

hope it helps in the Rquest/reply…


Thanks for the reply.

After spending a few days pulling my hair out I found a solution. I don’t know if it’s the best solution but it works.

I noticed that after I invoked the MQ message handler that a document named message appears in the results. My problem was how do I access the message document when it does not exist at design time?

The solution that I found is to create a string and modify the value to %message/messagebody%. Don�t forget to check the box to perform variable substitution.