MQAdapter and Triggers null MSGBODY


I have been working on a listener for MQ. This listener involves the transactional listener, the listener notification, and a trigger.

Whenever I place a message on the queue that the listener is monitoring, everything works great. The document is published locally, the trigger calls the flow I am trying to use - great.

In the flow that is called by the trigger, I have tried 2 separate things with conflicting results. First, I attempt to write the message body of the published document to the debug log. What shows up is the following,

EDT [ISP.0090.003C] null

So apparently the message body of the MQ message is null. HOWEVER when I save the pipeline to a file, I see the message body exactly how I expected it in the XML formatted output.

Any ideas?

What is the fully-qualified name of the variable holding the msgbody when the pipeline is saved to a file? Do you need to conver the msgbody from an object to a string before you can work with it?


The msgBody populating from the notification document is an object , try converting it to string before u log.


I’m having the same problem - I’m entering data on a CICS mainframe application and the data is getting sent to MQ queues. My webmethods package is ‘listening’ for it. I have created an adapter, listener, and listener notification. My package does get kicked off as I have a debuglog as my first statement and I am seeing entries in my log. All entries are coming out as ‘null’. I’m not sure what to look at next.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You!

I have the same issue. At what point does the Notifier doc get loaded.