SAP BC MQSeries Adapter Get Message Handler


I was able to PUT a message on a MQ queque, however, I am not able to GET from a queque. When I execute my service from the developer, the message disappears on the MQ queque, and I receive various error messages on from the developer (depending on the related services). Furthermore, I always receive an error message stating that “This service has no input fields”. I assume that no values are being passed. Am I not understanding this right? - Isn’t the message from the MQ queue an input field?

Sorry about the girth of the message. Any comments would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I’m not familiar with SAP, but I am with the webMethods MQSeries adapter for integration server. The message “Service has no input fields” always shows in developer for services which have no inputs defined on the input/output tab. This is not really a problem. The MQseries msgHandlers inputs are defined in administrator when you set up your queues/servers etc…On a GET, the “message” record is output. The message itself can be found in the object “messagebody” (inside the record “message”). I have a service which executes a GET message handler and passes the “messagebody” to VAN_VANConnectivity_writeToFile which takes an object as input. You must map the messagebody to a service which uses the same object type as input. Then you can convert the object to whatever you need using flow services (like bytestostring to convert th emessage to string)

Is the object (message) from MQSeries always in a byte format?