WebSphere MQ Adaptor Connection problem

Environment: wM6.1 on Solaris w/ WebSphere MQ Adapter v6, WebSphere MQ 5.3

I’m having a problem accessing the data in the msgBody element in the published document sent from a listener notification.
I believe I have everything working from the queue on up to the trigger (listener -> notification -> notification document -> trigger -> flow service).
The problem comes when I try to map the msgBody (the payload) out of the document that is sent from the trigger to the flow service. When I save and later restore the pipeline, I can see the data (xml string) in the msgBody element in the results pane of developer, but when I try to map it to anything else, its as if the msgBody element doesn’t exist. Is the data in a special format that needs to be transformed to something else? I haven’t found anything in the MQ adapter docs nor the publish-subscribe docs that helps.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.