webservice returns result in preview server but not in MWS


Every now and then, we face this issue where one or two operations in the webservice which have been working well will stop returning the results after a while. This happens only on the MWS. These operations continue to work in the preview server though.

We are using Designer 7.2. Just to let you know that all possible things (regenerate webservice, bounce Designer, delete project WAR and project folder from MWS and bounce MWS) have been done before posting this message.

If you have seen this behavior, could you please reply back with a resolution (if any).


Well, I had parked this WS operation aside to continue on other screens and while I was “sanity” testing all the screens today, this operation starts working back again !!!

Sure sounds like good news, but since there have been no observations or definitive patterns/symptoms for this behavior, I would think that this is a problem, a major one at that since one is not sure if it will stop working again.

env settings

  1. endpoint address = #{environment[“wsclient-endpointAddress”]}
  2. authentication info / username = #{environment[“wsclient-username”]}
  3. authentication info / password = #{environment[“wsclient-password”]}

Sorry to bring this topic up, but I’m experiencing the same problem. Sometimes, an operation in a WSDL stops working (doesn’t display any item despite the IS service returns data).
The only “solution” I found is to remove the operation from the WSDL, save, add the operation again, save and regenerate the connectors in CAF.

Anything on the major problem ?
Thanks a lot.

under web-inf/wsclients.xml, check the

isConnectionURL and classname is correct, if it is correct use the System.out.println(); for deubbging, place the System.out.println(); statement in java class and pass the webservice outputparameter results as arguments in System.out.println(); and check the system OUT file in MWS log folder for debugging.

anil kumar ellendula

Hi Anil,
Thank you for your answer. I checked, the isConnectionURL and classname are correct.
The most disturbing thing is that I have several operations in that WSDL, and they are working. When I make a change on one service that is exposed in the WSDL, sometimes it’s ok, but sometimes I have an operation in that same WSDL that stops working.
The “solution” I described works, the operation works again, but most of the time another one stops working.
This is like a never ending story…
Someone from Software AG is coming on monday so maybe he’ll have an explaination…
Thanks again.
Best regards,


when ever you do change in service and WSDL changes, please right click on the webservice connector of CAF, select the refresh the connector in binding view.

anil kumar ellendula

one more suggestion from my side, please create provider on IS Flow service and WS provider create the webservice connector in CAF.

it is beter performance than creating webservice connector on IS Flow service.

if you create first step process, webservice connector doc-literla

second process is SOAP-RPC webservice connector.

anil kumar ellendula

That’s exactly what I’m doing.
Each time I make a change on IS that modifies the WSDL, I refresh and regenerate the Web Service connector on the CAF side.
That’s when sometimes another operation stops working.
I’ll see what the consultant says on Monday.
Thanks again Anil.

did you check with the crreating webservice provider in IS and create the webservice connector on webservice provider.

it will do the better performace than SOAP-RPC webservice connector.

above creation is DOCUMENT literal webservice connector.

anil kumar ellendula

I think I found out what was going wrong so I’ll share with you as I lost precious time facing this problem.

There is a fix for the Developer that solve problems with the generation of WSDL files. I installed fix 5 (ID_7-1-2_Fix5) and it looks like the problem is gone.

Let’s be careful though…