How to update Web Services in IS 7.1.1?

How to update Web Services in IS 7.1.1? I have already created a Consumer Web Services. However, the WSDL was updated with new elements. What I used to do from previous versions was delete my existing Consumer Web Services and re-create them by providing the latest WSDL URL. However, in IS 7.1.1, it doesn’t seem to work. The Consumer Web Services still has it’s original elements. It does not pick up any new changes.

If there’s a bug in IS 7.1.1 and has a patch please let me know. If this is correct IS behavior, does anyone know the best way to update the Web Services?

Thanks for all the help.

Did you try this also??

Refreshing a Web Service Connector (WSC):

When you create a consumer Web service descriptor, Developer automatically generates
the Web service connector(s). If you add or edit a header element, header handler, or fault
element in the consumer Web service descriptor, you must regenerate a WSC for any
operation affected by the changes (a single operation, a selection of operations, or an
entire consumer Web service descriptor). Refreshing a WSC overwrites the previous
version. For details on how to refresh Web service connectors,

Refreshing Web Service Connectors for a Consumer Web Service

After you have added, deleted, or modified a header, fault, or endpoint alias within a
binder for a consumer Web service descriptor, you must refresh (or regenerate) the
connectors for that Web service descriptor. This process overwrites the existing Web
service connectors.
Refresh Web Service Connectors refreshes (regenerates) all Web service connectors in the
consumer Web service descriptor.
1 In the Navigation panel, double‐click the consumer Web service descriptor to open it
in the editor.
2 Click the operation edit area or the Binders tab.
3 Click or select Refresh Web Service Connectors from the right‐click menu. Developer
regenerates all Web service connectors in the consumer Web service descriptor,
overwriting the existing connector definitions.


Thanks RMG.

However, this does did not work for element change. The docTypes used by the connectors are still unchanged. How can I refresh the doctTypes without updating it manually?

Thanks again.

You may have to delete/rename the existing IS elements and recreate it as far i know.

I did delete the Web Service Connectors/docTypes folder/connectors folder. I then re-created the Web Service with the updated WSDL and still no change.

Any other ideas?

What is the version of IS/Developer you are running on?

IS 7.1.1 (134) (Unix Environment)
Developer Version 6.1 (132)

I tried this in IS 7.1.2 - same issue.

Developer Version 6.1 (132)?? You must have Developer711 inconjunction with IS7.x and above…Did you tried this?


Sorry, I meant to say Developer 7.1.1. Version

Did you refresh the developer session also after this change?

If you re-created the WSD consumer with the updated WSDL it should show all the WSC assets with the updated elements (doctypes,connectors etc…)…I did this and it worked…

Are we missing any thing here?

I did not refresh the Developer session, I only reloaded the package. Should I refresh the Developer session after I delete the Web Service Connector and once the updated WSDL has been created?

I did the Developer refresh (after delete and after re-creation) and still the same issue. I even restarted the server after deleting the Web Service Connector. Same issue. webMethods Support was able to reproduce my issue but they have not come up with any solution either.

hmm…It sounds weird issue…anyways good that tech support reproduced the issue and hope they might be giving some solution/work around soon…Please update here.