WebSerice within IS / Access denied

hi everyone,
since 3 months i am connected almost every day in this forum to learn and to solve some errors that happens when i’m developping. for all this things, THANK YOU :slight_smile:

Now, my “problem”,

i’ve created a flow service on an IS and generated a .wsdl. Then I use it to generate a “Web Service Connector”. Everything is OK, and I can use my webservice remotely. but…sometimes…after a short time of inactivity from the IS (or the webservice), I receive a soap-fault “Access Denied”…If I relaunch my service everything is ok. I don’t understand why this happens sometimes…
has anyone any idea ? inactivity problem ?
may be there is an option somewhere :smiley:

(I know i can use the ACL to enable Anonymous access but i want to know why this happens :rolleyes:)

Your first invocation of the service creates a new IS session. That session times out after 10 minutes (or whatever you configured at the server level). When you invoke the service again after some period of inactivity, your client presents the cookie returned in the first invocation which is referencing the expired session.

Some clients have an option to reset cookies which avoids this behavior.


Thx for the “session’s times out” information :slight_smile:

but how can i fix this problem (since my client is a flow service too) ?

Hmmm. Don’t know.

Why are you invoking a web service provided by Integration Server over soapHTTP? Just build your soap request object and call the Flow directly. No need for the extra overhead for an internal invocation.


may i’ve not clearly described the environnement :rolleyes:,
but i have two IS on two pcs, one is the client and the other the web service; so it’s not an internal invocation.

One possibility: Make the service being invoked stateless.

I’ve tried puting the option “Stateless” to “true” but I got always the same problem :sad:

I think i have found a fix for my IS the solve this problem https://advantage.webmethods.com/knowledgebase?oid=1614206971

but there is no link to download this fix !!

can someone help me and tell me why and how i can do :sad:

ok sorry i have not the right to download products that’s why :wink:

As you cannot do it from Advantage,you can send a requesting email to support@webmethods.com along with your company contact details etc…then they will reply you back with that requested Fix.


thanks for the tips rmg :happy:

(meanwhile a coworker give me the fix via email)


Could you please post the fix here?

Also, I’ve observed in the past that if the same webservice is invoked repeatedly and if there are lots of sessions created by the client within a short time frame, some requests get dropped. It was extremely hard to debug this issue, but we finally discovered that the default session management that we were licensed for (by default) were only a certain number of sessions and hence some client requests were dropped. Another thing we also noticed that these sessions were being left open and did not timeout even after some time. ( Is->Sessions) There were a lot of sessions since there was one for every request.

The fix to this was to make the service stateless and to make it a custom soap processor (instructions on custom soap processor in web service developers guide). Since the custom soap processor does session management differently.

i don’t think it’s legal sorry :frowning:


It is legal, since the session number limits (1000 or so) should get cleared after the webservice invocation is terminated.

Thanks for the link on the fix. The version that we experienced the issue on was WM 6.1, and we didnt have a fix then.

I think the “legal” issue pertained to posting the fix (the code) on wMUsers.