webservice only works in debug and"include empty values for String Types"are checked

Dear All:
I can’t make my webservice (consumer) works, only works when in debug mode “include empty values for String Types” are checked. :confused:

Any idea will welcome.

Thank in advance!!

Alejandro Solazzi


could you please provide mopre information about the error or problem faced? that will help determinig the issue

Are you using passing the correct inputs as defined as input signature of service implemented at provider’s end??


Hi! I take some pictures but I can Upload from my office. I’ll do that at home. Thanks!!

HI, I paste the images. Thanks ind advance!!


Please check with the partner how they have implemented this service, my guess is the IS service they have hosted is looking for parameters passed in “getMarcusData” (hope i wrote it right :D) … this is looking optional in your connector but does not seems to be.
This behavior is seen in 7.1 quite often.


Hi Devexpert, I’ll check with the partner asap, I think you right about that.
Thanks a lot!!