webservice connector

Hi Team,

We have the client connector webService with few input.

In one of the fields property , allow null is false.

We need to change it to allow null is true.

Is it possible to change it from our end or we have discuss client on this?


Provider may have some validation at their site.

I would suggest to engage provider.


I agree with Mangat.

As designing WebServices is “per Contract” (the WSDL in this case) you will have to check with the provider you are connecting to why this field is mandatory for them.

Depending on the definition of the field (i.e. minLength, maxLength, length, some pattern), you can check if it is possible to just send an empty String of length 0.
In this case the field is existing (“not null”), but contains no value.


Yes I would also suggest to check with WSDL Provider first and make sure changes are no impact to the consumer side aspects and take the actions accordingly…


Ask your WS service provider to check the below property in WSDL (XSD)