Tranversal from HTML pages to Flowservice

Hi Team,

We have a requirement of getting the form data and inserting it to database.
Few of the records to be inserted in the database are of integer type.
So we have used pub.math:tonumber for conversion of string to interger.
It is working fine , while debugging in the designer and as well as from the form submission.
But now what we could see is the records on which we are doing conversions can be inserted as null in the database.
Means, even if the user is not inserting any value it must be inserted as null.
So i used the branch in code to chk if it is null.If not null , then only conversion will be done. Otherwise not.
And it is working fine while debugging from designer.
But while we are submitting the form.
Its giving out error: num cannot be empty(because of the conversion) , if we are passing the empty values.

So we are not able to figure out that while form submission why it is not operating over the branch (of null condition i.e conversion to number must not be calculated)

Can anyone please help me on this.

Thanks in advance

Is it possible can you please upload your flow/Branch logic screen shot?

It could be during the run-time the branch condition logic is not satisfying for $null scenario vs manual debugging.


Might it be that you are not receiving a NULL field but an empty field of length 0 (qualified by “” when checking for BRANCH)?


I second with Holger above…