No data for field: Prevent blank spaces from being sent


In Administator, I have defined a mainframe screen that has a multitude of input fields. Some of these fields have default values. In the flow path procedure I have all these fields defined under input.

The user has a need to update one or more of the input fields. For all other fields that the user is not updating, I don’t want to send any values. Currently, it appears blanks in the lenght of each field are being sent despite the fact that I am sending no data (</field).

I am using ApplinX, and testing the flow path procedure, step by step in a session in ApplinX Administator. I have confirmed in the Administrator that the values being sent for fields with no data, test as EmptyString and NULL.

How can I prevent an update to input fields that have no data changes?



Just a quick update:

I was able to get this working by using the old Path (vs. the new Flow Path Procedure). The path was able to send only data that was entered, and did not populate other fields with blanks.

However, after I added a Path Wrapper for this Path, and included into a Flow Procedure, I have the same problems. Blanks are being sent to fields that have no data. The Get Flow Input for a typical field with no data looks like: .

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


Hi Kurtt,
Can you send me GXZ with the old path, new path, path wrapper and the Screen (and every other entity that could help me solve this problem).