Input field from java is not being set to Applinx path procedure input field.


Please see the below Input from java and output from applinx debug log file. Please note that the field highlighted in bold is not being set to the input of applinx path procedure. Please let me know the probable reason or solution for it?

Input from java application: -

AgeOldestRequest request = new AgeOldestRequest();
AgeOldestResponse resp = surservice.AgeOldest(request);

Below is the debugging log which is not having “keyNumber” as the parameter:

19/05/2014 09:01:05.479> An error has occurred during a procedure call [/AgeOldest/AgeOldest]. Procedure debug data:
09:01:04-Starting node path
09:01:04-Node path (Root) completed.

09:01:04-Starting node Procedure_1
Mapping data: In.Center → _appfield_Center value: 0
Mapping data: In.Passwd → _appfield_Passwd value: xxxxxxxx
Mapping data: In.surqa → _appfield_surqa value: xxxxx
Mapping data: In.Parm → _appfield_Parm value: xxxxxx
Mapping data: In.Loginid → _appfield_Loginid value: xxxxxx
Mapping data: In.Operator → _appfield_Operator value: xxxxxxx
Mapping data: In.CurrPasswd → _appfield_CurrPasswd value: xxxxxx
Mapping data: Session.SessionId → SessionId value: xxxxxxxx
Flow exception occured on [Step07]
Path: [/Procedure_1]
Message: Stopping path /AgeOldest/AgeOldest_Path_Procedure: repeat limit reached in step: Step07: 31 repetitions.
Original Exception: java.lang.Exception: Stopping path /AgeOldest/AgeOldest_Path_Procedure: repeat limit reached in step: Step07: 31 repetitions.


These are the two reasons that we can think of just from the information presented:

  1. If the keyNumber is NULL it will not be mapped to the procedure’s input.
  2. If the keyNumber variable was renamed after the procedure was generated.

If these are not the cause of the problem I suggest opening a support call request and we’ll look into it.
Please provide us with the GXAR file of the ApplinX application, a suitable GCT file and the generated procedure code.


Hi Gadi,

I know if we comment the line of keynumber setting to the request like below, it won’t be mapped. I am thinking that as that line is not commented, whatever is the value that passes in keynumber like null, empty space or any other value, my understanding is that it should send to applinx input.


As of now, i believe this issue is intermittent. this is not happening to all the user requests. Also i have debugged the path and it is working fine in applinx8.2 designer.

I am currently waiting for the approvals to enable .gct files in production env.


Hi Gadi,

I have an array in my flow procedure output. I would like to print the contents of the array using “Log Message”.

CountOf(Exec_Proc_1_Out/KeyNumber) —> this gives size of an array.

I want to print the contents of the array in Exec_Proc_1_Out/KeyNumber using Log Message for logging purposes. Could you please help me how to do it?


Hi Janardhan,

You could use the ‘For Each’ node from the ‘Workflow’ drawer to iterate over the array.

The node will show: ‘For each ForEach_1_Item in Object where condition

You should assign the array to the ‘Object’, and add a ‘Mapper’ node (Assignment drawer) as a child node of the ‘For Each’ node.

On the ‘Mapper’ node you could map whatever values you would like according to the index of the 'ForEach_1_Item of the ‘For Each’ parent node.

Hope it gives you a general direction, will glad to assist.