Move value to Host Field

One beginners problem:-)

I have defined Field “fld_BankKonto” on Host screen, that is 20 characters length.

In path, I assign from “Applinx field” to Host Field value 7 characters length.

Applinx move value to Host from left (“1234567BBBBBBBBBBBBB”) B-is blank

I need in host value from right side moved (“BBBBBBBBBBBBB1234567”)

Any idea of how this solve?

I can this solve adding blanks before value
create expression concat 20 blanks + value and then substracting from right 20 characters…
Is it good idea?

Thanks for any advice

Hi Marian,
Your example is ok and should do the work.
Here is another possible solution - We’ve created a flow procedure that get one string as input and gives this string with blanks as output.
You can use this example and change it for your desire (for example you can define the size of the input string to be dynamic and not ‘7’ as we did).
Let me know if this works for you,
Kind regards,

P.S. - the zip file attached contain Applinx GXZ file with the relevant flow procedure entity only. (2.61 KB)

Thanks for example Asaf,

Is my mistake that in previous topic i forgot to write version of Applinx. We are using ver. so the import has failed because they were exported from a newer Applinx Server

Its help me, correct version…

Thanks a lot

another mistake we use

No problem.
So you will upgrade your version or you want me to send you this example using earlier Applinx version so you can open it with your version?

earlier version please
Thanks a lot

Here you go…
Enjoy. (2.55 KB)

Thanks for advice and example, now my path works correct.

Thanks a lot Asaf