Regarding usage of BRANCH


I am new to this tool and trying to use BRANCH step among all flow steps but I am unable to get inside the BRANCH. I want to test switch and evaluate labels conditions can u please give me the clear difference between them.

Hi Neel,

please refer to the Service_Development_Help documentation for further information.

When using switch mode, you provide the variable on the Branch and the values to test for as a label on the subsequent steps, which should not branch step types as long as you do not want to test another variable.

When using “evaluate labels” you specify variable and value to test for together with condition as a label on the subsequent steps.

Within one branch these can not be mixed.
There are two predefined values for steps which can be uses as a label:

  • $null (only meaningful when using switch mode, stands for non-existing variable)
  • $default (when none of the labels is matched)