Regular Experessin

Can you please help me for regular expression. my requirement is if variable contain char then only its execute remaining code otherwise it will go to exit $flow.

and branch label =true.
inside branch i am using sequence label = %GsXML/biztalk_1/body/PurchaseOrder/Currency/ISOCurrency% == โ€œ[A-Za-Z]โ€

If its true then only other code will be execute.

Thanks in Advance
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Branch label =false and branch on GsXML/biztalk_1/body/PurchaseOrder/Currency/ISOCurrency
inside branch i am using sequence label = /[A-Za-Z]/

Try out the examples at the below link to understand โ€œhow to use regex in webMethodsโ€

Map (GsXML/biztalk_1/body/PurchaseOrder/Currency/ISOCurrency) - service input and pass some chars)
Branch Evaluate -Label=True,
(under Inside this branch)
Add Sequence step, mention %GsXML/biztalk_1/body/PurchaseOrder/Currency/ISOCurrency% ==/[A-Za-z]/ at Label property.
โ€“>If the GsXML/biztalk_1/body/PurchaseOrder/Currency/ISOCurrency has chars the step inside this sequence executes else
Add another Sequence step (select $default at Label property)
โ†’ Add EXIT $flow step


We have already replied your other thread for the same related query and that solution steps doesnโ€™t help enough? :smiley:

Anyways our other guruโ€™s taking care of you as well :smiley: