Event Move Regular Expression Not Working (fixed)

I was able to get my solution working (however below example didn’t work): a case-insensitive match files that doesn’t begin with a phrase but end with a phrase.

Notes: seems case-insensitivity is built-in.

Examples that worked:

^(.(?!TEST))* - nothing that starts with TEST (or test) ^(.(?!TEST))*.(csv|txt) - nothing that starts with TEST, but ends in CSV or TXT (case insensitive)

This didn’t work:

Tested expression #1 (from the manual/help): (.(?!TEST))*

- Shouldn’t move TEST.*
- Should move all other .

Actual: moves nothing

Hi Peter,

Try to add ‘REGEX:’ before expression:

REGEX:^(.(?!TEST))* REGEX:^(.(?!TEST))*.(csv|txt)

Best regards