regex in exclude (or rename whatever)

I have done a find (and another). Because the result of the finds add up, I ended with 2 the same file names (and a couple of other names). I would like to exclude one of the duplicates using a regular expression.
Would that be possible?

I have tried (XXX*_VNI)? and ((XXX*_VNI)?) and (XXX*_VNI){1} and ((XXX*_VNI){1}). Nothing.
Can it be done? How?


Found answer for this?


I did not find a solution, so I just worked around the problem. I added a few more steps to avoid finding the same file twice.

Thanks for the update with your custom work around!


So it works now for me with REGEX:(PATTERN1|PATTERN2)*(EXT1|EXT2) at the front