pattern matching


Is it possible to do a query on e.g. e-mail addresses where there is an ‘m’ between the ‘@’ and the ‘.com’? I tried to use this as filter: [email~=’*’] but Tamino doesn’t accept that (INOXIE8374: invalid match pattern).

Or do I need to use regular expressions? In that case: please give an example.



I don’t think XQUERY can satisfy this completely. So, wouldn’t it be better to split the email details up as follows…

You can then do a filter of

[EMAILNAME ~= “m” and EMAILORG ~="*.com"]

completely satisfying the request.

The @ can be inserted as neccessary by processing outside of XQUERY.


Maybe I confused you a bit with this sample query. I understand that you can split up an e-mail address so you can search on the different parts.
My question is more like: can you do a pattern search on whatever node value you want without having to split these nodes up? Just like you can do a search in Windows on a file that fulfills this criterion:
Meaning: all files which start with an ‘x’, then one character of choice, an ‘l’, zero or more characters, a ‘.’ and zero or more characters.

But, as you said XQuery probably can’t.

thanks anyway,