Mft: problem with getting specific files from Subdirectories

I have a problem with the following situation:

directories: /xx/300/200/10.10.10
Within the last directory someone created a XML (test.xml)

My virtual folder is: /xx/

I have a scheduled MFT event where:

  • Have a find action
    - Virtual folder is filled with /xx/
    - folder depth = 3
    - Exclude folders is true
    - Any file name is chosen

This indeed gives me /xx/400/200/10.10.20/test.xml.

Now i need to get specific filenames. Meaning instead of anyFile, i now choose File Name = “*.xml”

This results in that nothing is found. Probably also the directory name is checked against the fileName mask?
Any ideas how to do this?


*.xml in filename filter should work. can you please share product version and fix number so that we can re-verify.


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[08:52] Muller, Edwin

		webMethods Integration Server
		Build Number

Please share MFT fix as well.

|WmMFT_10.1.0_Fix18||2019-12-26 09:50:55 IST|ActiveTransfer Fix 18|Software AG|
|WmMFT_10.1.0_Fix19||2020-02-28 05:56:11 IST|ActiveTransfer Fix 19|Software AG|

I have tried this at fix WmMFT_10.1.0_Fix19 and it is working fine for me. Just to confirm if I am trying the same use case, my VFS points to a directory in local file system. Please let me know if it is different for you so that I can try repro the issue. Else, I request you to create a support ticket with SoftwareAG. We will have to see your environment on why this simple thing is not working for you.


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