Error in Event management

Issue Description:

While trying to do a MFT from event management getting following error

Finding file(s) in File Path, URL:SFTP://
SFTP:Filename Filter = *
Aborting Find, error = Error executing Find. Error No such file.
Action failed : Error executing Find. Error No such file

— Source machine in Windows Server
— Able to find a files inside parent folder(F:/Filename.txt — Success)
— Not able to find files inside subfolders (F:/Newfolder/Filename.txt ---- Fail)

This was an known issue where we were not supporting : (colon) in file path. This has been fixed and should work fine with latest fix.


Thanks Bhaskar,
Seems like My issue is not related :(colon) as I am able to authenticate successfully for folders.

Authentication is completed successfully when I am giving SFTP:// as my source system is having F:/Folder1/Folder2/Folder3.

But if I put any file inside folder , event not able to find any of file.

If I give a shared folder how can we give a SFTP url for authentication?

I still feel this is related to : issue. If not, we will have to investigate the issue further. can you create a support ticket and share the logs. We will be able to analyze it better.