Format for Event Find Remote Path (UNC)

Good evening,

What format should I use for finding files with an Event with a UNC Remote Path? e.g. \SERVER\share\

I’ve tried a few formats, but without luck, e.g. FILE://\SERVER/SendToSFTP/ (N.B. This format works fine locally, but not to a remot share! The permissions look OK)

The Event Log shows the following error:

Executing action ‘Find’. Find
Finding file(s) in File Path, URL:FILE:////SERVER/SendToSFTP/.
Filename Filter = *
Aborting Find, error = Error executing Find. Error The system cannot find the path specified. - ///SERVER/SendToSFTP/.
Action failed : Error executing Find. Error The system cannot find the path specified. - ///SERVER/SendToSFTP/

Aside, not sure why the error email fails as well… any help with this as well would be helpful.

Executing action ‘Send Email’. Email
Sending Email
From =
To =
CC =
Subject = DEV SFTP Error
Body =

Action failed : Email action Send Email failed. Error java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.mail.MessagingException cannot be cast to


Did you try configure the E-Mail Servers settings in the MWS and test it for the Send Email issue?


No, thanks RMG, seems email isn’t set up in DEV.

Short answer for the UNC problem - use 3 forward-slashes - FILE:///

See attached for more comments on the strange behaviour… including the fact that “Test Connection” doesn’t work…


I know this is an old post, but was hoping that someone here might have insight on a related topic. I’m currently seeing some inconsistent behavior when an MFT event is triggered. It looks like the path (included as input to the configured input service) is sometimes missing a leading slash. This is not happening very but is enough to create some worries. Have any of you seen this kind of think happening or might have some idea on what might be causing this kind of issue.