Difference Between WSDL array Definition - JBOSS error

Hi friends,

Im having trouble with a new version of WSDL/WebService provided from another business that we consume.

We are using EntireX 8.1.2 Eclipse Plugin for extract the IDL, and EntireX XML Rpc Server (version 8.1.2) on Linux RedHat Platform.

The case is when they provide the old version of webservices, an array structure was declared as below:

Since they published a new version of the webservices, the array structure declared became as below:

Problem: When i test the service at XML Tester (Eclipse Platform), then my provider JBOSS return an error of variable type sent, considering the default Sample XML created by the tester as below:


When i change the sample test XML, then the service works well, see below:


Question: How can i set the XMM declaration for work as the type that worked well?

Tanks in advance.
call_working_well.txt (2.84 KB)
call_with_error.txt (2.76 KB)

Hi Guilherme,

I seems like the service and the WSDL do not fit together. Can you share the full WSDL of your service provider?

One thing you could give a try: remove the xmlns:SOAP-ENC=“http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/” namespace declaration from your test SOAP message (I am guessing that the old service and WSDL was rpc/encoded style while the new one seems to be document/literal).

With kind Regards,

Hi Dietmar,

At first, tanks for your reply.

I removed the SOAP-ENC namespace declaration as you show, but the error persists.

Erros message from JBOSS: string type of element dtFimRestricoes should be complex and contain string as a child element.

Tanks a lot and best regards.
WSSefazIPVAPort_20110712B.xmm.txt (202 KB)
WSSefazIPVAPort_20110712B.idl.txt (6.49 KB)
WSSefazIPVAPort.xml (16.8 KB)

Hi again Dietmar,

Ive sent the XMM file to the provider, and they made one simple change to the file that solved the problem. See below:



But here now, the question has changed: What i need to configure on “edit XMM Mapping of Software AG IDL” option at Eclipse Plugin to this understand that is it the well formation when i extracting new files?

Tanks a lot and best regards.