Webservice exception

Happy new year to everyone!

I got a SOAP exception while calling a webservice from IS. I have generated a stup using the mobile jdk (wscompile.exe) and all went well. When I call the service I get:


Element {}name not found in org.kxml2.kdom.Element@87afebf

WSDL: [url=‘’][/url]

Any idea?



Marco Stoffel

Hi Marco

After testing a bit the service, I got to the following:

  •   The output document contains a number of non-required child documents/fields
  •   If the response does not contain one of those non-required fields, then it will not be correctly interpreted and the exception is thrown.

A workaround is filling those fields with “empty string”. Seems that the only important thing is that the elements are present in the SOAP response.

I suppose this is a bug somewhere (not necessarily in the WMMD code), cause those fields are defined as not required.

Hope this helps,