webService Consumer Deployment Issue - Deployed with broken document references

Hello Team,

The deployment of a webservice consumer package is not working.
The source Server is 10.3 and also the target Server is 10.3 Version.

Post creating the Project on the deployer, all the steps: DEFINE, BUILD, MAP and DEPLOY works fine.
No error in Simulation, also the deployment succeeds without any error.

But when checked on the target Server, package is deployed but the connector documents have broken references.

Entire document hierachy under doctypes in webservice folder has broken reference.

Request you to kindly assist wih the same.

Thanks & Regards,
Khushaboo Shandilya

Hi Khushaboo,

where are the documets located which are marked as broken references?
In the same package or in another package?
Did you check if the documents marked as missing are present on the target or not?
When they exist on the target, reloading the package might help.
If not check your selection in the Deployer project.

How where the dependencies resolved during the Define step?
Add, Exists, Ignore?


I’d also check the package dependencies. I.e. if your web service package references some doc types from another package, you should specify that another package as a dependency in the web service package. This will ensure that the packages are loaded in the correct order by the IS. I’ve read somewhere that a wrong package loading order may render a web service inoperable.