Webserver backend to gui version of engineer - using apache.

I followed the instructions to the letter to set up a multiuser backend for the GUI version of engineer. I elected to use Apache for the webserver, and got stuck on in the instructions where it refers to the “scripts” directory. I assuming that this is the “bin” directory of apache.

Has anyone got NEE to work with apache?



Message back from development is that the IIE.EXE & IIE.INI should be placed in the cgi-bin directory under Apache, for instance
C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\cgi-bin

Thanks for the info Brian. I have some follow up questions.

I moved IIE.EXE and IIE.INI to the cgi-bin directory and changed the config.js script as follows

NAS_SERVER = “/cgi-bin/iie.exe”;

Also changed the iie.ini script as follows:

HOST=my local host IP where NAS is running

When I navigate to http://localhost:4000/iie/iie.html (4000 is the port that apache is listening on), the first page of the GUI version of Engineer displays, but when I select Applications, the please wait message appears and nothing happens after that.

It seems to me that it is trying to connect to NAS, but cannot.

I am assuming that the NAS server has to be running (for the multiuser mode).

Thanks again.