Hi All

Im a junior Java Developer and recently been doing IOS development, so i’m trying to learn something in integration and i chose webMethods as opposed to IBPM, so can anyone point me to where i can start learning the suite

Thanks in advance

Hi Sonwabo,

Could you give us more info about your technical background and experience? (knowing this I can narrow - or choose better - the subjects you will need to go after).

You mentioned Java and iOS; can I assume you’re looking for how to make an “iOS device” and “webMethods” to talk to each other?

well, my experience with java, has been mostly in Support of existing web applications, i have worked with web-services using java. but now for the past 8 months i’v moved to IOS development, and NO, i’m no trying to integrate IOS and webMethods. i simply just want to learn to use the tool, if that makes sense.

Before going forwards, I have to ask: do you have access to a webMethods installation? If you don’t, then this endeavor will probably like trying to describe what is color or how color looks like to a 100%-blind person. (I’m not saying that it is impossible. I’m just stressing how difficult it would be.)

Im using a vm, and the webMethods suite is installed

Well, then start on understanding what is the Integration Server and the Broker.

Most wM-supplied docs aims to answer “how to use it”, not “why this or that is used”. Hence, to understand the whys, you will have to search for middleware, [i]enterprise application integration /i, enterprise service bus (ESB), SOA literature.

For this moment, focus on getting a glimpse on these subjects, just to learn what they are, what they aim to solve. Do not worry about many abbreviations or letter-soups; you will understand them further.

In the middle of the reading, you will find some “roles”: something that “transport messages”; something that “processes the data”. Think of the “webMethods Broker” being the box that realizes the “messaging role”. The same applies for the “webMethods Integration Server” for “processing data” role. Actually, the webMethods Integration Server does a lot more stuff, but that’s a subject for further messages :slight_smile:

Just start on grasping these concepts, which will ease your understanding of the further subjects.

Allow me an analogy: learning webMethods is like attending to a post-graduation course. You can, for sure, join a post-graduation course right after a graduation one; however, you usually will not reap as much knowledge and experience as if you have get some on-field experience (i.e. have worked a couple of years).

Learning webMethods is very similar with the mentioned example. Having the experience from working with different systems on different sets (industries, company sizes, on “ongoing support”) makes the difference.

So be warned: the path is not easy, but has high rewards.

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Thanks, well im already starting with finding out what ESB is.

is the any good books you know of, that can get me up to speed ?

Google is your best friend! I’ve given you some starting topics for you start digging around. I do like this process of digging, for you will get in contact of stuff you would never do otherwise.

Since you’re going to grab bits of information here and there, I think that rushing after books would be an overkill. I’d recommend you to gather more knowledge and, only then, pursue books.