What are WebMethods and how to access it?

Hello All,

 I'm a new user of this forum and as well as new to WebMethods. I'm interested in learning Webmethods by starting  a self study and move on to other modes later. To jumpstart I need a pointer which can answer "What is Webmethods?" "Where is it useful?" and "What is it composed off?" . I have experience in Java/J2EE development and would like to pursue my career towards SOA. I also tried to google it, but [URL="http://www.wmusers.com"]www.wmusers.com[/URL] is what I saw next to wikipedia.  If some one could guide me in learning Webmethods, I really appreciate that.

Ravi C.Kota

Any suggestions please.

I have written a short (50 page) description of webMethods, entitled (ironically) “What Is webMethods”. I will be happy to email it yo you if you give me your address.

Dick Ladson

Or you can just go to Knowledge Base -> White Papers :


and look for “webMethods product overview and tutorial”.

Just wanted to post the link so other new users can benefit too.

Ravi C.Kota,

Please check this sticky thread for new users,it should drive you in right direction: