Webmethods UM greenfield installation

Hi all,

I’m working on a greenfield installation of UM in Azure. I don’t have Admin knowledge so I have many questions:

  1. Should I configure a database before install it?
  2. The UM server was moved from the old server to the new Azure Server. Also the databases were migrated. But I don’t know how to connect the databases migrated to UM once I get it installed.
  3. Can I install UM independently from IS and MWS or do i need install it in some order?
    Thanks a lot!

For Installation of UM , Database is not required . UM does not uses Database.

Are you going to do new installation of IS , MWS and UM ? or just going to use the same components which have been migrated to the new Azure server.

Is the Database also migrated to the new Azure Server ?

If answer to both the question is yes , then basically it’s the movement of existing webMethods installation and DB to new Azure Server host.

The first task will be to work with DB team to make sure the DB is up and running on the new host .

In this case , we need to update the file system where Old Host name is being used to the new host name . Updating the Old Database details with new database details in the product DB Tables and starting the servers.

Some configurations has to be performed from the Admin UI as well when the server comes up.

• Do not update the DB url in pool files present inside ‘\IntegrationServer\config\jdbc\pool’ and ‘\optimize\analysis\conf\JDBC\pools’ now. We need to update these from the IntegrationServer Admin UI and MWS UI later. (There might be a possibility that, if we update the pool files from the backend, it may get corrupted)

• To Update MWS configuration files present in MWS DB with new host names. Ex. Cluster.xml, jetty.xml. command to extract these files into directory is:
Inside MWS/bin directory.
To download from DB:
Run ./mws.sh -s <instance_name> getconfig cluster.xml
./mws.sh -s <instance_name> getconfig jetty.xml

Above command will download files to MWS/server//config directory
To upload to DB:

Run ./mws.sh -s <instance_name> putconfig cluster.xml
./mws.sh -s <instance_name> putconfig jetty.xml

Then delete the files from config directory.

Please let me know in case of any further questions and low level steps