Universal Messaging Migration 10.3


I want to migrate from UM 10.3 to a new UM (10.3 too) that I just installed on a new server , without needing to recreate everything (the topics ,queues, configurations……).

Can you help me please ?

Hi Hatim,

do you have a Deployer installation available in your environment?
Then you can select existing UM Server as Source and new UM Server as Target and deploy the assets from one UM to the other.

An alternative might be to export the UM Config from exisiting and then re-import to new installation via EnterpriseManager.




Thank you for answering.
Is there any documentation that can help me to set up a UM clustering?


You can find a clustering overview in the documentation here:
Clusters: An Overview (softwareag.com)

And for how to setup a cluster here:
Creating a Cluster (softwareag.com)

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I want to install a UM on a VM, and I don’t know what are the recommendations for the resources to be allocated.
We will receive 25 to 85 JMS per second , 2 cores / 3.2Ghz and 6Go RAM would be enough?

Thanks in advance.

Requirements are here:
Minimum and Recommended Hardware Requirements (softwareag.com)

You’ll see it recommends 2 Cores, and 2GB of RAM minimum.

It’s hard to confirm your use-case exactly, this depends on the size of the messages/etc. Typically, UM is more io bound than CPU, so network and disk speeds can often be limiting factors. I’d suggest 2 Cores and 6GB of RAM would be a good starting point, but something that you might have to increase, especially if the average messages sizes are quite large.

Another challenge you might face is at 85 messages per second, if the subscribers are slow, you could face a growing backlog of messages, so you’ll need to ensure enough storage space to hold them, and have enough ‘quiet’ time to get through the backlog, or work on improving the subscriber speed through scaling out, optimization, etc.

You really don’t want the storage to fill as that would bring down the UM server.

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