Uninstall MWS

We have the the MWS and broker installed on a server.

I need to reinstall the MWS as I need to change the data source configured to it.

Wondering how to uninstall just the MWS?

You can go to control panel > program & feature, and select which version webMethods you need to uninstall, and it will prompt the screen similar to the installation, you can select the MWS only for the uninstallation.

For uninstallation, if previous installation you are “NOT” using EMBEDDED database, and if you need a clean database or MWS configuration tables removal, you might need a new database schema or you can use the “Database Component Configurator” to drop all the MWS tables or component.

Hi Ruturaj,

if you only want to move the datasource from one DB to another, there will be no need to uninstall/reinstall MWS.

  1. Shutdown MWS
  2. Get the Schema duplicated to the new DB (by your DBAs)
  3. Edit MWS/server/default/config/mws.db.xml
  4. Restart MWS



Thanks for the help with MWS. Is it possible to do the same if we need to change the database for the TN server?

Hi Ruturaj,


It is even much more easier.

In IS Admin UI under Settings → JDBC Pools:

  1. Modify the JDBC Pool with the new parameters and test it.
  2. Restart all Functions which have this pool assigned

If you need to do it offline:

  1. Shutdown IS
  2. Get the Schema duplicated to the new DB (by your DBAs)
  3. Edit IntegrationServer/config/jdbc/pool/.xml
  4. Restart IS


Hello Holger,

I see the below error in the Logs/server tab

Scheduler: Exception getting tasks from database: [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00904: “RUN_AT”: invalid identifier

Also, if I try to run the scheduler, the see the below error:

Found unresolved dependent services: wm.tn.rec:BizDocEnvelope,wm.tn.rec:BizDocEnvelope,wm.tn.rec:BizDocType,wm.tn.rec:Profile,wm.tn.rec:Security,wm.tn.rec:BizDocEnvelope,wm.tn:log

Could you help?

Hi Ruturaj,

the mentioned services are part of the TradingNetworks package WmTN.

Can you provide the relevant snippet of the server log when IS has been shutdown and is freshly started?

Rename the logs/server.log to logs/server.log_<current_date_time> before starting so that the log file will begin the Startupsequnece.

Please check if the database schema have been correctly created/initialized by the Database Configurator.

Which Version of wM and Oracle are you using?
Any Fixes applied?
Especially SCG_DataDirect-, DCC-, DBS- and IS_Core_Fixes are of interest in this case (and their dependencies of course).


Hello Holger,

One more question,

I would like to know ids there a easier way to import the B2B data (partner profile, proc rule, doc type, etc.) from the one MWS environment to another?

One way I understand is to export the required entries from the MWS environment and the files imported into the other environment. However, this would mean importing the B2B data one by one.


Hi Ruturaj,

you can use Deployer to deploy TN artifacts from one instance to another.

MWS only serves as a host for the TN Admin UI, but operates with TN Service/Database hosted by an IS instance via WebServices.

When changing the TN Database in the IS and restarting the TN function MWS will use the new database through IS.