webMethods TeamCity deployment issue to 10.15 IS

Hi all,

Am trying to create build through team city [pipeline for IS version 10.15.

Have configured team city agent , Asset build Env, Build steps and Params.

Composites are building fine.

At Deploy step , Am getting failure for one of package as below

Package β€œ----” did not install successfully.
utilities.java:12: error: package sun.util.calendar is not visible
import sun.util.calendar.BaseCalendar.Date;
(package sun.util.calendar is declared in module java.base, which does not export it)
1 error

Packages which am trying to deploy are created years before.
Deployment of these packages is working fine with 10.5 IS teamcity pipeline.
But it is failing with 10.15 IS teamcity pipeline.

Can anyone help me to resolve this further?

Hi @yashraj.makwana

Looking at the error: package sun.util.calendar is not visible, this is likely due to the difference in java versions between IS 10.5 and IS 10.15 , since 10.15 uses Java 11 and some packages were not made available.
The sun.util packages are supposed to be internal, I would suggest you check for any alternatives to sun.util.calendar.BaseCalendar.Date and see if it works for you.

Reference : Stackoverflow- Upgrading to Java 11 from Java 8 - package sun.util does not exist - Stack Overflow



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