Container needs to recompile java services after deployment

I am using image softwareag/webMethods-microservicesruntime with one package - PSUtilities2_3. I copy files to folder /opt/softwareag/IntegrationServer/packages and then build image and deploy to K8. When I want to execute my service, it fails with error: [ISS.0026.9102] Service ‘PSUtilities.string:multiConcat’ is not operational. To run this service, first recompile the Java source..
Is there a way how to solve this that service will be automatically compiled when packages is turn on?

Have you tried reloading the package and then executing the services?
If that doesn’t work you can try using jcode to manually compile the services in the package, Refer Using JCode


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This issue is because the compiled java classes for the package is missing. reload won’t work and you will need to use the jcode utility as @Nagendra_Prasad indicated.
You can also manually recompile the package via Designer, by editing and saving the java service.

Either way, you will need to rexport the package afterwards and add that version to your Dockerfile.

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