WebMethods Server started but not connecting

Hi All,

I want to know about the webMethods server installation on Windows.
I installed webMethods server on windows (version 7.1), and started the webMethods server. I have checked in the logs that server is running fine, but whenever i try to login to admin page usng http://localhost:5555/ or http://ipaddress:5555/, it is showing error that connection refused.
Can anybody tell me how to go to admin page. Is there any possibility of closed port. My telnet port and ftp port is blocked that i know.
Do i need to open these ports? i am using the same machine to open IS admin page.
Please help.

Aashish Sinha

What OS is this issue on? Try replacing the files from \IntegrationServer\config with the files from \IntegrationServer\config\backup.


It is on windows XP system. As it is a fresh installation there no backup in folder in IS/Config. can you suggest something? its very urgent.


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