Integration Server is Not Working

can anyone help me to solve this problem I tired Many things but not getting exact solution
(my port for IS is 5656)
“Connection failed for localhost:5656 (there is no Integration Server on the specified port, or the proxy server is not available)
Connection refused: connect”

Hi Shivam ,

  1. Make ensure server is up and running on this machine.

  2. if Server is up and you are trying to connect from designer or from browser and seeing this message , Check if you have enabled allow on access mode for port. if not edit and set allow by default

  1. if access mode is allowed for the port then Make ensure firewall is opened on this machine for port 5656 and from the client machine where you are trying to access the server.

my server is not running i tired every possible way to run server like:
reading logs, startup and shut down batch files and directly from start menu

Verify the logs to know better why server is not starting. You can find the logs from below location.

instance/profile/<IS_default / instancename >/logs/wrapper.log


Ya Dinesh I tired earlier but i didn’t find anything can you help me in logs


you can read from starting. i updated the log

I could see you are running server on you local machine and also seeing JDBCPool initialize is failed from your wrapper. During the installation you would selected the external database for Integration server. By any chance did you ran the DDC scripts for IS from ./common/db/

Also verify the server log line by line to get the actual problem in starting your integration server.

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Can you please check content of files located under config/jdbc/pool directory? It appears that one of the file out there is having incorrect format.


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