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I am seeing a bizzare issue that every time I am adding a user or role in MWS, I need to restart the Integration Server. Currently I am using 10.3, I have not experienced this issue in 9.9.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Perhaps you are missing a properly configured JMS layer.
It is mandatory is to have a properly working JMS layer in a MWS cluster. Central User is considered as mini MWS node inside IS and requires JMS to sync data between MWS and IS.
The available JMS providers are – UM or using the old proprietary mechanism via the DB. UM is the recommended option but in case the customer is not having UM and if DB JMS is meeting their performance and functional requirements they can use the DB JMS built in the product itself.
One can either configure UM JNDI URL in the MWS cluster config or enable DB JMS.
Because starting from 10.0 DB JMS was deprecated and removed. Later it was reintroduced but requires a switch to turn it on:

MWS-25563 (MWS_10.1_Fix11)
My webMethods Server no longer supports the use of the database as a JMS provider.

The issue is resolved. Now you can use the database as a JMS provider for communication between My
webMethods Server and the Common Directory Services component in Integration Server, and some
limited use cases of My webMethods Server clusters that exchange a small number of JMS events.
For cluster scalability and high-availability, it is recommended to use Universal Messaging as a
JMS provider. To configure My webMethods Server to use the database as a JMS provider:

1. Retrieve the cluster.xml file from the My webMethods Server database using the getconfig
command. 2. On the element, insert the useDbJms=“true” attribute, as follows:
"<Cluster useDbJms=“true” clusterId=“706790370” For more information about working with the
cluster.xml file, see Administering My webMethods Server.

The clusteriD in the readme is just an example, dont change it. Dont forget to putconfig back to the database and make sure there are no local cluster.xml on the FS of the MWS nodes.


Thanks ! It is working now.

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