webMethods IO REST Connector Input Issue

While using webMethods IO REST Connector , we found one issue related to inputs of operations .

For example , I have created a resources called “Jobs” , defined two methods “Get” and “Post” .

For “Get” methods defined the required Query parameters and Response Body while creating the method .

For “Post” , define the input Body parameter and output response Body as well .

After saving the REST connector , we see the input Body defined in Post method is available in Get method as well and marked as mandatory .

Can someone please check and confirm if this is the expected behavior .

P.S : We are evaluating the webMethods IO Product suite for our cloud integration requirements and using trial version of the software .

Hi Rakesh,

I tried creating the connector as you mentioned and defined input for only POST and not for GET.

I don’t see the issue what you are facing. GET method doesn’t have any body being shown in the connector. PostMethod GetMethod

Please re-create the connector and see.

Firoz Nalband.

Hi Firoz ,

Thanks for the reply . I know this is a weird issue .

We can recreate if we are in development phase that’s fine .

But if we want to do incremental release , say the connector is in PROD with Get Operation , I updated it to have Post operation but it modified the Get operation input is not desirable .

Hi Rakesh,

Totally agree with this.

I’m not sure why you are seeing this issue. Best is to check with SAG team on the same. Also let us see if some others are facing this issue.

Firoz N