$filter query parameter not allowed in Custom REST Connector

Hi Team ,

As Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations connector is not available , as a workaround we are using REST connector to call the D365 F&O OData APIs directly .

We are able to call the get and post methods .

We are stuck where we need to filter records based on say accountName equals ‘Test’ , but as webMethods IO does not allow to define vairables with $ for example $filter which D365 F&O expects as Query parameter to be passed for any filter conditions .

Can you please let us know any workaround/solution for this issue ?

P.S : D365 F&O OData APIs link : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/fin-ops-core/dev-itpro/data-entities/odata

Hi Rakesh,

Have you considered using OData v4 connector, as MS Dynamics 365 F&O does provide interfacing through OData protocol.


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Hi Mike ,

Thanks for the reply , yes I need OData Connectors only .

Using Azure AD OAuth 2.0 version 1 token endpoint to fetch token as webMethods IO does not yet support Azure AD OAuth 2.0 version 2 token endpoint

Unfortunately the OData 4.0 Connector does not work for Dynamics Finance & Operations . It’s not able to list the proper Business Objects while creating the Custom actions