Access Email (outlook) using oauth2

Hi all,

I have email polling in my production right now.
But we can not use email polling for now, because our company IT security do not allow IMAP and POP3 protocol anymore, we must use oauth2.
is there any way/ tutorial how to connect to outlook using oauth2?

please help…


Hi Junedi,

I don´t think that this will work then as oauth2 is just an authentication method but no email transport protocol like IMAP(S) or POP3.
AFAIK there is no “Outlook Adapter” available for webMethods.

Oauth2 configuration itself should be documented in IS Administrators Guide as well as (at least partially) in the IS Built-In-Services Reference.

You might want to consider raising a feature request at Brainstorm for this.


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Additionally you can try to build some services to connect to the MS Outlook REST API if this allowed on your exhange server.
This API seems to have Oauth2 support.


Hi Junedi,

Integration Server Email Port option supports IMAP and POP as email transport protocol only.

As @Holger_von_Thomsen mentioned, OAUTH2 is related to authorization of the client to server and not related to transport protocol. So you should be getting authorization credentials to access this email host over IMAP or POP protocol.

You can refer to built-in service for sending email using pub.client:smtp, you should be already aware of this. FYI only.

Please update us once you identified the way forward for doing the same.

Firoz Nalband.

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Hi @Firoz,

if I understood Junedi correctly, their IT department does no longer allow them to connect to the mail server with IMAP(S) and POP3 (mine neither).

If they have the REST API available this should work with Oauth2 credentials.
Just search on the net for “outlook java api” and one of the results should point you the microsoft documentation for their REST API.

But I doubt that this will work for me as we are currently on a different microsoft cloud environment as the most of you others.
But there a plans to move to the regular cloud environment as the feature set in our cloud is limited and Microsoft is no longer adding new stuff to this environment. Hopefully we will be allowed to use the REST API after the move is finished.



Hi @Holger_von_Thomsen

Thanks for your clarification. If POP or IMAP not supported then that won’t be working.

Glad to know about the availability of Rest APIs for accessing outlook which should definitely help them to do different operations exposed by Microsoft.

Definitely this should be way forward for us to implement it once cloud movement happens.

I would like to see wM email port functionality enhanced to support this internally by calling the rest API. It Will take time but we should be there as well.

Firoz N

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Hi all,

thanks for all the guidance.
we have plan to access mail using outlook REST APIs with oauth2 authentication.
I am trying to understand how we can do it in our environment.

actually I have webmethods IS 9.12 and APIGW 10.1
is there any limitation here?

Could you guys help me to propose the best architecture how we can achieve it?


check : KB #: 1804188
The plan is to support OAuth for Email as part of the webMethods 10.7 release (October 2020).

This will be backported to 10.3 and 10.5 after 10.7 release, check fix readme files for description.

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