webMethods.io MFT v11.0 Release Announcement

I am very pleased to announce the release of webMethods.io MFT version 11. This release has incredibly sought after features that really enhance the product and take it to level 11! Look below to see what exciting features are now available.

Release Highlights:

Rerun a Post-Processing Action

You can trigger a post-processing action when you upload, download or delete a file in webMethods.io MFT; however, post-processing actions can sometimes fail due to situations such as network errors. You can now rerun a failed post-processing action from webMethods.io MFT Action Log section. More details, including screen examples are in the release notes for webMethods.io MFT linked below.

Azure Active Directory

You can configure Integration Server based Common Directory Services (CDS) in webMethods.io MFT. Apart from CDS, webMethods.io MFT now also supports Azure Active Directory (AD) as an external directory service using Microsoft graph library.

Virus Scanning with Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP)

webMethods.io MFT now supports antivirus scanning of inbound files by using an open-source antivirus scanner ClamAV, which supports Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP). ClamAV virus signatures are updated every day by Software AG. ClamAV is exposed to the ActiveTransfer Server using an ICAP Server.

Deprecation alert! Password in email removed

When creating a new partner user or changing passwords for partner users by administrators, your password was previously sent in an unencrypted plain-text email. As a security best practice, Software AG recommends that you use the Send reset password link option. Generate random password and Create new password options are deprecated and will be removed in the upcoming release.

These new features along with descriptions of the latest fixes can be found in the official release notes by following the link below.

Release 11.0 - webMethods.io MFT