webMethods.io B2B v11.0 Release Announcement

This one goes to 11! I am very pleased to announce the release of webMethods.io B2B 11. This is a big one with many sought after features that will make your B2B platform even more powerful and easy to use.

Release highlights:

Support for Customizing EDI/XML Document on webMethods.io B2B

You can customize eStandard and XML documents in webMethods.io B2B to allow partner-specific customizations for EDI documents. This enables having different variations of EDI documents for many partners or individually.

Partner Portal

  • The Partner Portal has passed internal acceptance and is no longer a beta feature. Please refer to the documentation on how to access and configure the partner portal.
  • You can now view partner details using a multi-partner view. Enterprise webmethods.io B2B tenant users can link multiple contacts to partners and invite them to access the Partner Portal. The contact that is added will have access to monitor different partners in the Partner Portal. As an administrator, you can also delete contacts which in turn deletes the Partner Portal user and their access.

Enhancements to Partner Onboarding

A customer questionnaire has been added to the settings for partner onboarding allowing you to create and add a custom questionnaire in the partner onboarding form. This enhances the onboarding process to allow your enterprise to include custom questions along with the standard ones previously included.

Support to exchange cXML Business Documents

cXML documents are now available to exchange with your business partners using the cXML-IN and cXML-OUT channels in both test and production modes.

Support for Functional Acknowledgment filters

webMethods.io B2B allows you to apply various attribute filters in the Functional acknowledgment page to make the views more manageable and easier to use.

Enhancements to Archival Capability

webMethods.io B2B displays current and past schedules for enterprise production tenants.

Support for custom ID type in both webMethods.io Integration and webMethods.io B2B products

webMethods.io B2B allows you to define and process custom ID types for EDI documents in webmethods.io B2B and webMethods.io Integration.

webMethods.io B2B Connector Enhancements on webMethods.io Integration

The following updates are made to the B2B operation on webMethods.io Integration:

  • queryTransactions: The fieldCriteria operators are now categorized as: no-value operators, single-value operators, and multi-value operators.
  • constructSubmitInput: The cXML input parameter is added to support exchange of cXML documents.
  • addGroupEnvelope: The x12/ucs/vics input parameter is added to support different time formats for GS05 field in EDI messages.
  • getIDtype: A new operation to retrieve the list of ID types from webMethods.io B2B.

These and many other new features and enhancements can be found by following the link below.

Release 11 - webMethods.io B2B