webMethods.io Integration v2.1.2

Here at Software AG, we’re excited to announce another release of our iPaaS product: webMethods.io Integration (v2.1.2) on our AWS US and EU regions.

For developers who use the platform, if you have integration requirements to parse and translate delimited files such as CSVs, or fixed format files from systems, you’ll be extremely pleased to find the new ability to create Flat File connectors providing line of business users with the capacity to process what is often considered to be quite a difficult integration requirement.

On FlowServices, we’ve done some improvements here also. We’ve added a branch construct, which will be immediately familiar to webMethods Integration Server developers, and we’ve added a lock/unlock function so that you can edit FlowServices without fear of somebody else changing it, and better still, people can still view the FlowServices even if someone is editing them!

It doesn’t stop at the developer’s though, from an operations perspective, we’ve added alerting rules for FlowService assets such as REST and SOAP APIs so you can understand if something goes wrong. When things do go wrong, we’ve always had the ability to resume a workflow from a failed action, however now you can edit the data before resuming. Think of a time when your integration to a target system failed because of a data related issue. You can now correct this data and resume from the failed action! Of course, you might simply want to restart the Workflow, so we thought about that and added that as an option as well for you!

Lastly – we continue to add even more enterprise connectors to the platform with every release. You have a need to integrate with ABBYY, Alibaba OSS, or even Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – these are just a few of the enterprise connectors added in this release!

Try out the platform here for free and discover the fastest way to integrate apps in the cloud.


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