webMethods.io Integration v2.1.3 Azure Release Announcement

Here at Software AG, we’re excited to announce another release of our iPaaS product: webMethods.io Integration (v2.1.3) on our Azure US/EU and APAC regions.

This release is a substantial update for Azure Customers and focuses on providing an enhanced user experience of our iPaaS, tailored to meet the development needs of Citizen Integrators, Ad-hoc Integrators, and Integration Specialists alike. Building on our market-leading workflow capabilities, this release extends that functionality to offer a brand-new experience focused on meeting the requirements of Integration Specialists.

Our iPaaS has been influenced by the expertise gained through many years of providing an analyst recognized, market leading integration platform. Because of this, our new Integration Specialist experience in the iPaaS offers a dedicated web-based development environment to build complex integrations. This goes above and beyond event-based workflows using system connectors. Complex integrations, such as handling large files and streams of data, parsing of complex data structures (e.g. EDI messages), as well as the aggregation of complex REST services exposing this as an experience API, can all be handled in the web-based IDE which provides all the functionality an Integration Specialist needs. For example:

  • Creating complex programming structures and expressions, such as: try/catch/finally, if/then/else, switch/case statements, loops and more.
  • Testing with different inputs.
  • Debugging by stepping through the integration and modifying parameter values as you debug.
  • Using breakpoints for fast debugging.
  • Finding, navigating and editing large implementations.
  • Providing both keyboard and mouse-based development as first-class citizens.

This specialized experience creates a true bimodal development approach to integration, allowing Integration Specialists to develop more complex and mission critical integrations in an experience better suited to their needs, while continuing to allow Citizen Integrators to compose through the workflow approach.

If there’s no connector available for a system, but there is a REST or SOAP API in your application, you can make use of our REST/SOAP Connector builder in the platform to create a connector. For integration requirements to parse and translate delimited files such as CSVs, or fixed format files from systems, developers also have the ability to create Flat File connectors, providing line of business users with the capacity to process what is often considered to be a difficult integration.

From an operations perspective, we’ve combined the monitoring information, giving you a combined view on both workflow and FlowService executions, as well as your transaction consumption rates. We’ve also added alerting rules to REST and SOAP connectors, so you can understand if something goes wrong. When things do go wrong, we’ve always had the ability to resume a workflow from a failed action; however, now you can edit the data before resuming. For example, when your integration to a target system fails because of a data related issue, you can now correct this data and resume from the failed action. Of course, you might simply want to restart the workflow, so we added that as an option as well.

Lastly, we continue to add even more enterprise connectors to the platform with every release. If you have a need to integrate with ABBYY, Alibaba OSS, or even Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, these are just a few of many enterprise connectors added in this release.

webMethods.io Integration allows all integration stakeholders in your organization to connect systems and data at a lightning fast pace. You can now avoid the congestion and blockers that typically slow down integration projects, allowing you to innovate and differentiate more quickly and freely.

Try out the platform here for free and discover the fastest way to integrate apps in the cloud.