webMethods.io Integration for Microsoft Azure

One step closer to a Multi-Cloud future - Software AG’s iPaaS webMethods.io Integration is now available for the Microsoft Azure platform.

This means enterprises can quickly and easily connect their critical applications, services and data in Microsoft Azure cloud, helping them more efficiently drive business results. Our goal with this release is to let our users choose the cloud environment where they want run based on their workload characteristics, helping them accelerate their migration to and adoption of Microsoft Azure.

How does it help migrating to Azure?

We see more and more customers moving closer to a fully cloud-based operating environment. A common challenge many organizations face is maintaining connectivity to business-critical applications during the transition to the cloud or to a new operating environment. For IT teams to leverage and maximize existing technology investments, the timely integration of various systems and applications is a must.

“Companies transitioning to the cloud expect instant results, not delayed gratification,”. Thorsten Hermann, Microsoft

How does it work?

For example, if a customer is receiving data from multiple applications located in Microsoft Azure, they could run those integrations in the Microsoft Azure instance of webMethods.io iPaaS. At the same time, another department within the same customer could be using another cloud provider’s services. This department can, at the same time, host their specific integrations in the instance of webMethods.io specific to that cloud provider.

Why webMethods.io Integration for Azure?

The webMethods.io iPaaS has a cloud provider-agnostic architecture, built on a Kubernetes and Docker foundation. It is designed to work with all major cloud providers, positioning the technology and its customers for success as multi-cloud environments increase in enterprise adoption across the globe. Customers will be able to select the correct cloud environment for their particular task, based on workload requirements. This provides faster access to information and applications, while reducing latency.

With Software AG’s webMethods.io iPaaS solution, enterprises can quickly and easily connect their critical applications, services and data in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment, reducing cloud transition time and risk.