webMethods Integration Server IS and Microsoft CRM / ms crm / crm

Hello All wmUsers.:slight_smile:

As this is my first experienc with webMethods and also first post at wmUser.
withoud much formalities I want to discuss my prob.

Currently I am using webMethods Developer to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM but in initial phase I am facing some problems.:sad:

I have done the following things.

  1. Creation of webService connector in the webMethods Developer.
  2. created a flow service to access the fetch service of Microsoft CRM.

Now at the access time I am facing some problems

  1. What is the exact format for fetchXml in fetch service.

in the fetchXml I have used following xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<tns1:fetch mapping=“logical” xmlns:tns1=“http://schemas.microsoft.com/crm/2006/WebServices”>
<tns1:entity name=“Lead”>
<tns1:attribute name=“fullname”/>
<tns1:condition attribute=“firstname” operator=“eq” value=“anderson”/>

Now the problem is at the execution time I was facing a problme of not proper ‘document’ so I have used three different functions


[/INDENT]Now I am passing my converted xml document string to crm service.
All works fine before sending the reqeuest to Microsoft but after sending the request I am getting the following error.


[/INDENT]Thanks for read plz reply

Honestly it is easier just to create a new webservice layer for Microsoft CRM and then call those webServices. Then if there is an upgrade the changes are very easy and usually backwords compatiable.


the best way to resolve Fetch problems is to use FetchXMLBuilder. You can use the friendly gui to develop your query and then generate the fetch.

In our integration with CRM we did the following - [http://www.customware.net/repository/display/GREENHOUSE/2009/02/23/Integrating+with+Microsoft+Dynamics+CRM]